Friday, March 22, 2013

"Fabric" Invitations

I belong to a quilt group that has been meeting 3 times a year for 25 years!  Well I haven't been meeting that long, but my mom, Arlene, has.  This group was formed 25 years ago from a class that she taught in Fallbrook to a group of ladies that just didn't get enough after the class was done and thus the "Fallbrook Group" was created.  I was invited into the group about 4 years ago and have really loved it ever since! We even have members that live out of state that come back into town just for the get togethers!  It is nice having a group that doesn't meet every week or month, with my crazy busy family and work life, just the 3 times per year really works out well for me right now.  We try and rotate the hosting of the meetings and my turn is in April.  I have to say when I signed up for April, I had all these grandiose ideas about making an entire invitation out of fabric, or some 3D egg or flower that was unfolded to reveal the invite, ha!  Well as a result of the aforementioned life, I wasn't able to do that, but I did find these adorable cards from Papyrus.  These are handmade cards that do incorporate fabric elements with stitching and embellishments.  I just think they are so cute.  So I am sending these out to the girls today to put them in the spring feeling for our get together.  Hope you enjoy!

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